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Portrait of Maximus, defaced after he and his father Maximinus were declared enemies of the State.


Caesar of the Roman Empire

Reign: 235/6 – June 24, 238 C.E.

Maximus, original name Gaius Julius Verus Maximus, (born c. 217/220 CE, — died June 24th, 238, just outside of Aquileia [now in Italy]), Roman Caesar (235/6–238). Was the son of the Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax and his wife, Caecilia Paulina.

The unreliable Historia Augusta claims that emperor Severus Alexander considered marrying his sister Theoclia to Maximus but declined because he believed his sister would not enjoy having a Barbarian for a father-in-law.

Maximinus appointed his son Maximus as Caesar around 236, but he held little real power. Both were murdered by the Praetorian Guard in June 238, during the Siege of Aquileia in the Year of the Six Emperors.

235/6⇌238 CE ║ Æ Diassarion ║ Maximus (Caesar) ║ Tomis,...

Æ Diassarion struck between c. 235/6⇌238 C.E. at Tomis in Moesia Inferior, in the name of Maximus, as Caesar, under the reign of h...

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